Select Match Reviews: Killing Bill All Over Again (Lucha Memes)

Matches from Lucha Memes Chairo Bill Vol. 5 04/05:
1.Kamikazes del Aire(Alas de Acero,Iron Kid) vs Cobre, Moria vs Corsario Negro Jr, Drako ***1/2
2.Aramis vs Perro de Guerra Jr ***
3.Ricky Marvin vs Arez ***3/4

There was meant to be a Memes vs TWE formula here on this show, but it really just felt like a fanless Memes gig. Still, shows from this fed tend to be pretty damn fun and TWE doesn't mean much to me anyway so that's not a big deal.

Anyway, the first pull started with one of the best selling to a non-existent crowd moments outside of DDT. They also were each given hand sanitizer from the ref. Why not. If you hate people getting into position for spots, you'll have a bad time here but the entire thing really was a very good spotfest.

The second was another in a long line of quality Aramis contest. A nice mixture of technical physicality, though not without a few errors mixed throughout. I put it outside of recommendation levels but it was good.

Closing this out, Arez and Marvin did it again. Hard work with a nice finish as Arez once again failed to take down the lucha god. I look forward to seeing their next chapter, hopefully in front of a huge crowd, and maybe Arez can take the W next time. Until then, check this one and the three-way tag out!

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