Being the Elite #199 Part 2 Thoughts

So, are we getting a ladder match? A brother vs brother match? Maybe a legit game of squash? Let's see...

But first, Matt Hardy gives us the rules for an Under the Limit Battle Royal!

Sky singing out the melody from Frozen 2 nearly woke my son from a nap. Good stuff.

There's an itch burning up Private Party and it isn't an STI on their PP, it's a desire to wrestle again. Yea, I'll see myself out...

Can I come back now?

So, are we expecting a mass resurgence of backyard wrestling feds soon? Ever see the Carbonaro Effect? I want that dude to pop up on BTE soon. And yes, the bear is what made me connect those two and created the desire. That segment rocked!

Baker, Tony, and Benigno Bodega facetime and it was solid gold.

The Luchasaurs' tail arc hit new levels of art this time, by the way.

Omega interrupts Colt in the bathroom. Comedy ensues.

1.Under the Limit Battle Royal **

The sudden but inevitable betrayal early on is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eyes. Kaz pulled a Savage by going for the pin and later kicked Avalon right in the dick. C4 (Caprisun Cameraman Cutlas Cutler) and Neckbeard Peter continued their rivalry here, by the way. A game of one on one broke out, too. The entire thing was entertaining so I'll be generous and give it a two star slot. No crazier than the stuff I enjoy from DDT.

Matt vs Nick on episode 200!

Click play and enjoy the chaos.

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