Match from CMLL Arena Mexico Domingo 02/23:
1.Negro Casas vs Volador Jr ***1/2

I continue to dig through for stuff I missed since,'s not like we have a lot of new content coming out. It kills the concept of my month ending review posts, but we're all going through shit right now, right?

Anyway, this is a nice little match that I bet goes under the radar for most fans. Hopefully, this review helps a few extra fans find it, though.

Negro attacked early, maintaining control in a dominate display during the first fall. A few quick moves later, and Volador came back to take fall two. This left the finale, which went about ten minutes and featured a nice load of action and drama despite the circumstances. I mean, this took place on a throwaway show for fucks sake. CMLL shows get a lot of shit for being underwhelming, but the roster truly is great when they want to be. Here, both of these great talents stepped up to put in for a borderline great contest.

Give this one a spin.