Select Match Reviews: Hammer Underground (PCW Ultra)

Match from PCW Ultra MUTINY #35:
1.PCW Ultra Title: Mil Muertes(c) vs Hammerstone ***

I love that PCW Ultra booked El Mesias as Mil Muertes and put him as their champ. It's a bold call. That said, I agree it was time for a change and Hammerstone has a decent amount of steam right now so it's a logical move.

As far as the match itself, well they went the expected route with a bit of an extended walk and brawl before returning to the ring for the endstretch. While this won't blow anyone away and the finish was a bit off, I still had a decent time here and the title contest was largely good.

Only one thing remains from PCW Ultra's sole 2020 show but they're understandably in a holding pattern for now while the world is on hiatus. For that reason, go give PCW Ultra some love by checking out past episodes of MUTINY!

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