AEW Dynamite 04/15 Review

1.Archer vs Colt **3/4
2.Baker vs Golden NR
3.Guevara vs Sugar D **1/2
4.Kip vs Taylor **1/2
5.Spears vs Law NR
6.AEW World Title, No Holds Barred Empty Arena: Mox(c) vs Hager **

The Snake promo and opening match worked together nicely to put over Archer. Colt didn't look bad in defeat, either which is a good example on the big difference between how AEW and WWE do things. Decent stuff.

Baker's promo was pretty good. Her squash worked for what it was and gave her a solid rebound. I'm not huge on squashes, but since it wasn't against a normal roster member it's ok, I suppose.

They promoted Hager/Mox heavily throughout nicely.

The Bubbly Bunch stuff was entertaining. Jericho uses metal spatulas on non-stick pans?

Guevara got a quick night in, taking down Suge quickly heading into his match with Darby next week.

Kip took down Chuck Taylor next in a decent match, but Ford's involvements and the general tone of these Kip matches did little for me. Havoc aligned with the couple at the end.

Looks like they're speeding through stuff this week. Saving a lot of room for the main...

Another rebound squash, this time for Spears followed.

Main event time. So, first off let's note that Hager shouldn't be working long matches. His contest with Dustin was too long and this was double that. It was far too WWE style for my tastes and I admittedly am worried that Khan promoted it so highly. I mean, I get that he needs to support his brand but he way over sold it and if he believes those words at all I think that's a real issue. Past that, Khan and/or whomever booked this needs to realize the best way to use Hager is quick, violent outings. That's the only way to do it with him. In all, this was very bloated, skippable stuff and the worst thing on a show full of squashes and forgettable throwaways.

Simply put, this was one of the worst episodes of Dynamite I've seen and you'd be better off just checking out their YouTube for clips instead of watching it, assuming you didn't catch it live.

Overall Rating: 50/100%

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