Being the Elite #199 Part 1 Thoughts

Matt Hardy giving us the rules to squash at the open this week was glorious. My dumbass actually thought they were going to play a game of squash. No, I'm not fucking kidding.

Women's squash falls to Princeton, beats Penn in historic final ...

1.SCU(CD,Kaz) vs Team High Risk NR

For a throwaway enhancement match, it was ok. Basically, a standard squash.

The Buck kids having fun was cool. My kids are spot monkeys, too.

The search for Luchasaurus' tail continues, this time including a phone call more one sided than the one I got after watching this weird VHS tape I found in my new place. Later, he called Dreamer but got fucked hard. He also called Joey Ryan near the end, we got some nice LU references, and it turns out Lucha has really just been a shitty friend since joining AEW.

Another good Omega/Colt spot this week.

Cutler and Avalon called Sky to settle their shit which led to another BTE Compound match.

2.Sky vs Avalon vs Cutler **1/4

As expected, Sky pinned both. Decent stuff for what it was.

BTE 200 is next week. The true showcase of the immortals, ladies, gents, and nonbinaries. I'm thinking we have a ladder match in the works...maybe brother vs brother? Let's wait for the next part of this episode to see what happens.

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