Being the Elite #198 Thoughts

Taking an Uber three hours to tell someone they suck at their own home is a strong flex. Asking him to team with you immediately after is even stronger.

I made it safely to Maryland by the way. Things should largely return to normal now. It's funny being so close to the White House right now. I really would love to get a chance to tell Trump how he's failing us all. My wife is working the front lines of this pandemic so this is even more personal than ever. Too bad I won't get that chance.

Anyway, after the intro ran, we are taken to the BTE Compound.

1.SCU (CD, Kaz) vs Dungeons & Neckbeards (Cutler, Avalon) **

This was a nice surprise and a fun use of time as well as a good twist in a bad situation. The match itself was a perfectly average one-off.

Luchasaurus' journey continues, leading him to Casa Mundo. Remember, don't judge people for drinking at 5 am during a pandemic. Good shit.

Some good comedy shit followed as usual. I needed a good laugh right now. You know what show I used to love when I was a kid? Benny Hill.

We then got a second exhibition match, this time showcasing Team High Risk.

2.Young Bucks vs Team High Risk **3/4

This one was a decent, high speed sprint. The Bucks are back. These enhancement matches utilizing the Cali crew are decent ideas, even though I honestly still think everyone needs to take social distancing a bit more serious.

Kaz loves hearts and balls like the rest of us by the way.

Team High Risk vs SCU in a squash match is booked for next week. Why the fuck not!

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