Lucha Underground Season 4 Episode 19 Review

Lucha Underground results: Johnny Mundo vs. Jake Strong
1.Battle Royal **
2.Killshot vs Mack NR
3.Mundo vs Strong ***1/4

Antonio and Strong shared a moment to kick off this one, attempting to further push Hager as a monster. It was okay. The opener was a battle royal to crown a new Gift of the Gods Champion and largely served to also push the same agenda. It too was okay, though it sucks seeing Fox return in such a way.

In the two spot, Killshit and Mack started with a fun match that ended in disqualification before it even got to rating-worthy time range. I dislike how often we've been having dq's this season. It feels too much like the antithesis of The Temple.

Ivelisse and XO were in ring after to promote a Trios Championship match for Ultima while also adding a new member to replace an "injured" Joey Ryan in the form of Sammy Guevara. Famous B interjected and told Sammy that his contract meant he was an owned man and that he would instead team with Texano and Wagner. Sammy basically said fuck that close the segment. Not my cup of tea at all.

Because this was the Jake Strong Show, we closed things with a second Strong match. The good news is that it was the best thing here, but it still wasn't really recommendation levels (it was close for what that's worth). Props to Morrison for putting over the big man. The match and post-match was basically the only things I liked at all.

While even the lesser episodes of Lucha Underground tend to maintain a decent level of entertainment, it's still disappointing when you watch an installment that lacked anything truly worth going out of your way to see. Add in the fact that I didn't even care for the basically any of the promos, segments, or general developments here and this was easily one of my least favorite episodes of the series.

Overall Rating: 55/100%

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