CHIKARA Action Arcade #2 Review

CHIKARA Action Arcade - Episode #1 (3/28/20) Report - PWPonderings
1.Crucible Rules: Lance Steel vs Garvin NR
2.The Crucible vs Quack, Jigsaw, Mobius ***1/2
3.Calhoun vs Kobald **
4.Zero, Boomer vs Spoiler, Defarge ***
5.Ophidian vs Still Life ***1/4

Holy poop, they opened the episode with one hell of a statement with that Dasher promo, didn't they? I love the stipulation he added, making it to where if you want a shot at the Grand Championship, you have to put your career on the line.

Following that, the opener was a Crucible rules match with Lance Steel going over Reno Garvin. Decent and quick, with the right winner.

Moving along, our first true match of the night was a very good trios contest that saw the return of Mobius. Everyone worked hard and looked good and in many ways this was exactly the type of thing I had been hoping for when I started getting back into CHIKARA with this series.

The Whisper has his eyes on Mobius.

Donna Rama speaks with Lucas next as that story continues and it set up Donna entering the YLC tournament. This led into match three with was average at best if I'm being blunt. Considering Callhoun is in the middle of a storyline build, he really should've won faster.

This week's Event Center had a few promos from YLC participants. Decent stuff.

The semi was good and I like the hijo duo of Zero and Boomer. I'd like to see them continue to tag together but would note that Spoiler and Defarge didn't do nearly as much for me.

Closing the episode, Ophidian and Still Life put in for a fairly good main event. There was a pretty cringeworthy moment that was whiffed punch Dark Order gif levels, but they really did make it work and more than made up for it as time went along, I just mention it because it will rub some way worse than it did myself. I like Ophidian's new role and actually found myself enjoying Still Life more than I had previously. A nice way to close things (alongside two quick, solid segments that followed).

I'm having a blast watching the show and am glad to be watching CHIKARA again. Thumbs up.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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