CHIKARA Action Arcade - Episode #1 (3/28/20) Report - PWPonderings
1.The Colony vs Bird & Bee **1/2
2.Spoiler vs Chuck West NR
3.Boomer Hatfield vs Travis Huckabee ***
4.Crucible Fight: Devantes vs Tom Stone NR
5.Jigsaw vs Matt Makowski ***1/2

With my boycott going on, I've been catching up on classic content as well as keeping an eye out on stuff I've missed from earlier in the year. Now, I haven't followed CHIKARA closely for several seasons but they used to be in my top five promotions. When I heard they had a new series I decided to check it out, especially when I heard extra info that supported my stance and didn't spit on my choice to not watch and support companies that are mistreating talent right now by acting like children.

So, let's take a look at episode one. Note that I signed up for CHIKARAtopia instead of IWTV for this as to directly support them.

The show opened with Donna Rama arriving at the Wrestle Factory, being greeted by Lucas Calhoun who informed her that CHIKARA is something that can't be explained but required you to simply experience it instead.

We then moved to the opener, with Solo and Willow, the CHIKARA Campeonatoes de Parejas Champions, taking on Green and Thief Ant of The Colony. The Bird and the Bee are an entertaining duo, with even their tags being unique, though I have always been a huge Colony fan so my support was with them. Green/Silver in particular was my favorite roster member and the new Green has a lot of potential. Thief's gimmick is super cool. Did you know before my car accident I wanted to try to work for the company? I wanted to be Ghost Ant. But yea, the match was solid stuff that set a decent tone.

Is A-Treat a sponsor?

Post-match, we see Lucas and Donna watching and he explains how they don't have gendered divisions in the company. It's one of the best things about CHIKARA.

Spoiler next tried to get to the pay window and then a ride to the Sizzler. Squash.

They ran a package promoting the Young Lions Cup's history and the tournament itself followed by Event Center, which included an unintentionally funny interview with Molly McCoy as well as a few other decent interviews with other tournament contestants. There's so many faces in the company that I don't recognize. Also, now my fatass wants some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Up next, Boomer got a nice win over Huckabee in a match that had a nice pace. Good stuff and Lucas continued to teach Donna after, as well as newcomers to the brand, how CHIKARA works.

The Crucible stuff to close the show was well done. The Fight Club style thing was fun even as a squash and the main event was very good, technical based wrestling.

Really, this was a dang good start for CHIKARA. Note I had pitched the idea of a weekly show a few times to them but was turned down because they didn't think it was a good idea. I'm glad they changed their minds. If you're a newcomer or someone who hasn't followed them closely for a while, check this out.

Overall Rating: 70/100%