Select Match Reviews: Michelob (PCW Ultra)

Match from PCW Ultra MUTINY #34:
1.PCW UltraLight Title: Atlas(c) vs James vs Dom ****

PCW Ultra MUTINY, even with the minor flaws, truly is one of the best weekly wrestling shows available right now. As I work through select 2020 content from the company, this was the one match I was most excited for. Now, I knew Atlas would be dropping the title because of his NXT deal and I didn't see them going for the shit angle some feds do by having him win the match just to vacate after. Luckily, I was correct. Even more luckily, this watch rocked. Now, I am aware that PCW Ultra is a bit of a gem promotion that slips under far too many radars, but I'm hopeful that at least a few that read this will take time to give this a click. The workrate here is deserving of your attention and honestly I bet some of you will like it even more than myself!

Thank you, Atlas.

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