Episode Card:
1.Niki vs Fujimura +
2.Ito vs Ganseki vs Kondo +
3.Soya, Seigo, Honda vs Kono, HAJIME, Hijo del Pantera +
4.Strong Hearts(CIMA,Issei) vs Tonsho, Pegaso +
5.Strong Hearts(Seiki,Lindaman) vs Kaz, Andy Wu ++
6.Enfants Terribles(Ashino,Kodama,Kuma) vs Inaba,Doi,Alejandro ++

The days of W1 are nearing a close. I love that we have one last trip to KBS Hall for the promotion, as this is one of my favorite settings for pro wrestling. I'm keeping this one short, but for a road to filler gig this was a decent watch. Perhaps worth seeing for long term fans but, considering the circumstances, you're safe skipping it otherwise.