Select Match Reviews: Badlands (DDT)

Matches from DDT Into the Fight 02/23:
1.DISASTER BOX(HARASHIMA,Ueno) vs CIMA,Soma vs Masahiro,Oishi ***
2.Elimination: DAMNATION(Sasaki,Endo),STRONG HEARTS(T-Hawk,Lindaman) vs ALL OUT(Iino,Shunma,Akito), Chihiro ***1/2
3.DDT Universal Title: Takeshita vs Brookes ***1/2
4.KO-D Openweight Title: Tanaka(c) vs MAO ****

This is the next big DDT show I needed to catch, and these four pulls have a lot of potential. If you're wanting to jump in where I did, cut in about an hour here.

CIMA and BIMA (Soma) teamed up for #1 here, which was a good three-way tag. It never felt like it fully broke out of second nor did enough to really make me think it was truly recommendation worthy, though.

Did they ever decide what to call the union of DAMNATION and Strong Hearts? DAMN#HEARTS? Dramatic DDT suggested Business Alliance is good enough.

The second pull was very good stuff and exactly what I was hoping it'd be. I look forward to seeing where they go with this union. El Lindaman is a tiny god. Oh, and ALL OUT fans should blame Iino on this L.

Next, Takeshita and Brookes added another chapter in their fun series. This time around, the right to be the inaugural Universal Champion on the line. Very good stuff, though I feel it was a bit below expectations this time. Still, I like the outcome and, once this corona virus stuff dies down, it'll be fun seeing the belt defended around the world.

The show closed with new KO-D Openweight Champion, Tanaka, defending the title against MAO. The elder god proved well why him holding the top prize in 2020 isn't a bad call, while giving MAO a good look in the process simply by working well with the kid. He lost nothing in defeat, and Tanaka came off as well as usual, too. The storytelling aspect of this was highly enjoyable, too. Fantastic main event.

If you're still not watching DDT, I have questions about your tastes.

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