AAA Worldwide: Queretaro Parte 2 Review

1.Parkita Negra, Latigo, Low Rider vs Laredo Boy, Drago Kid, Iron Kid ***1/4
2.Mercanarios(Texano,Escorpion,Taurus) vs Vikingo, Puma, Rey Horus ***3/4
3.NGD vs Psycho Circus ***1/4

I gave AAA some shit for putting this up a few days later than usual. I know AAA is a bit inconsistent on things at times and still makes some rookie mistakes, but that doesn't mean it is excusable. It's 2020. Step up.

Anyway, this show has rocked this year so far so let's dig in.

The opener was mindless fun. There was a rough spot with Drago Kid and Latigo near the end and then on a dive moments later something weird happened just off camera. Parka Negra is awesome and underrated. The same is true for Parkita Negra. The diving doomsday is sure to get a lot of fans' attention and the contest in general and the entire thing was a fun way to start the episode.

Laredo Kid thanked fans for their support while he was on the game show. Naccion Ingobernable came out and attacked him, saying he was a complete failure. AAA then ran down their picks for best fashionistas in the company.

The next match was basically a handi-cap affair, with La Hiedra getting involved often. It helps with Hijo del Tirantes is the ref. Vikingo at one point displayed that his matches with IMPACT have taught him to take RVD as an influence. He also got to show off his usual offense which is far better than anything RVD was ever capable of athletically. Ignoring a slip up, the dude once again put up an awesome display of modern lucha. Not that this was a one man show, though. No, this was six men (and one women) putting on a great show and telling a simply, but fun, story.

Vikingo picked up the win but he, and his partners, were beaten down after as a victory gift.

It's cool having Psycho Circus back together. The main event this week saw them and PdN put in for a crowd friendly trios battle closing the show on a nice note.

Once again, AAA's weekly show was well worth seeing this week. Give it a click or, if you just want the highlights, watch the second match at the very least.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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