WRESTLE-1 TV #154 Review

Match Card:
1.Fujimura vs Niki +
2.Alejandro, Andy Wu, Hijo del Pantera vs Ganseki, Honda, SUSHI +
3.Tanaka, Tonsho, Pegaso vs STRONG HEARTS(CIMA,T-Hawk,Issei) ++
4.Soya, Kondo, Seigo, Lindaman vs Hajime, MAZADA, Ito, Toshizu ++
5.W1 CW Title: Seiki(c) vs Heat ++
6.Muto, Hama, Nakanoue vs KAZMA, Kono, Sai +
7.Kuma vs Okabayashi ++
8.W1 Tag Titles: Enfants Terribles(c) Doi, Inaba ++
9.W1 World Title: Nakajima(c) vs Kaz ++

The last major W1 show ever is the focus of this episode and, as a result, the experience was bittersweet. What especially added to that feeling is simply how awesome this show was to see. I love watching WRESTLE-1 TV and this was one of my favorite episodes ever. Sincerely, I strongly recommend anyone who's ever considered watching this company to give this one a click.

You will be missed.

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