1.Cody vs Havoc ***
2.Darby vs Kip **3/4
3.Hager vs Chico NR
4.Brodie vs QT NR
5.AAA Mega Title: Omega(c) vs Guevara ***1/2

The PIP with the workers gambling backstage was a nice touch this week. The opener was good but I am surprised they booked this at all, since Havoc was rising up a but before this. The current situation obviously changed things a bit, though.

Post-match, we got a pretty decent package from Snake and then a nice Allin package, too.

The second match was solid, but not at the level I had hoped for. The right guy won, at least.

Now, AEW has done very few squashes and I love them for it. That wasn't true for the next two matches, but they were good uses of a rare squash on Dynamite either way.

Mox running in to attack Hager was a decent moment and Brodie's package with the little Vince shot was pretty well done.

Knowing that we'll be getting Vanguard moments going forward is fun. Someone get Nick a senzu bean.

Now, while this had been a decent watch it's worth noting that it also felt a bit below expectations that I have for AEW, especially in 2020. I get it, but it's still worth noting.

That changed with the last 45ish minutes.

Omega and Sammy had a very good title match that got a nice amount of time and really worked well to showcase both talents in a nice, throwaway clash. Brandi's reaction to Sammy kissing her caricature was gold.

Then, we got the anticipated standoff with Matt and Jericho. Now, it wasn't the best broken style moment and I have a minor issue with one section production-wise, but it was still very insane, enjoyable entertainment and ended the show on a fun note. Between Chris' promo on Vanguard and the entire interaction with Matt... I get that Matt Hardy's character work is polarizing stuff, but I am personally very eager to see where they take this and hope you are too!

This wasn't a great episode, but it was a smart, competent one that still went down easy. Props to Cody and Kenny for their commentary work and for the company doing what they can.

Overall Rating: 70/100%