Select Match Reviews: BOLA 2019 Roundup (PWG)

Matches from PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2019:
Night One 09/19:
1.Cobb vs Sekimoto ***1/2
2.Lucha Bros vs MexaBlood ****1/4
Night Two 09/20:
3.Atlas vs Jungle Boy ****
4.Fenix vs Aramis ****
Night Three 09/22:
5.Dragon Lee vs Atlas ****
6.Dragon Lee vs Bandido ****1/4
7.BOLA Finals: Bandido vs Starr vs Gresham ***3/4

So, I'll go add these to my 2019 Recommendations list now. I'll go ahead and watch the last show of their's from 2019 and then I will officially consider that section complete. It took longer than I'd have liked to watch these, but at least I finally did. I have a deep love and respect for PWG so it was a must that I check them out.

Simply put, BOLA is a beacon of excellence every year and this was no exception. Hoss battles, indie showcases, lucha brilliance.. Pure magic on display. Go buy these now if you missed them and remind yourself why PWG is still one of the best wrestling promotions in the world!

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