Select Match Reviews: Gender Neutral (IMPACT)

Match from IMPACT Wrestling 03/03:
1.IMPACT World Title: Tessa(c) vs Taya ***

Tessa's polarizing reign moves along, this time adding what I'm sure is another controversial chapter that'll piss off fragile little infants that think their dick makes them special. I do agree that if IMPACT is going to head this direction, they should consider unifying the Knockouts and World Championships, for what it's worth, but it's whatever in the grand scheme.

From a quality standpoint, this was good stuff and they largely kept the bullshit out of it. Bravo's moment didn't fuck up the finish nor did it last too long, so I can forgive it even if it was needless. Sadly, I can't say this hit recommendation levels, but for a throwaway title defense it was enjoyable enough. Skip it, but know that Tessa's reign is going decently so far. She just needs better opponents and plots moving forward.

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