Being the Elite #193 Thoughts

Omega and the Bucks are banged up after their banger. Nick announces he's having a third child, which happens to be the result of a different kind of banging.

Yea...I'll see myself out.

Alright, am I out of time out now?

CD seeks consultation and wisdom from the almighty, Orange Cassidy. The secret is in the glasses!

The Librarians sit through a different kind of reading (tarot), fight, and fuck around with bad mojo.

The Bucks made a fan's dream come true (thanks to State Farm) which was a pretty cool thing. AEW cares more about their fans than just about any other fed in the world.

Cody covered his tat with a scarf. I am still seeing a lot of heat due to his new ink. Chill, people.

I dig that comic style tee.

Those interactive wristbands from Revolution get talked about a tad, and we see the choir practicing, "Judas", which I'd like to note was stuck in my head for two days.

Cutler and Sammy share a moment. That superkick on Guevara is still one of my favorite spots ever. Matt apologized for breaking his glasses, name dropped the Shelton/HBK spot, and got him a new pair.

That fancam style stuff we get sometimes was used here for that awesome tag match, which I'd note I watched again and upped the rating by a hair.

The episode ends with a phone call from North Carolina....

(Oh, and those from NC who voted for Biden can kiss my ass.)

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