Select Match Reviews: Gold is Power(rr) (NWA)

Matches from NWA Powerrr #20:
1.NWA TV Title: Starks(c) vs Dice *3/4
2.NWA Tag Titles: Storm,Drake(c) vs Bouncers **1/4

I've been disappointed with how the third season has been in relation to the second. This week, they gave us two title matches so I checked those out alongside select promo segments.

Up first, Starks put the Television Championship on the line against Dice and, for whatever reason, the NWA brass thought the best idea was to have a title change here. I question that call and would note that the match itself was just about as iffy.


The Latimer/Galli stuff was decent, the Aldis/Scurll package was well done, and Pope's promo was solid once again. I cut the rest of the fat.

The show's main event saw former TNA wrestlers and current NWA Tag Champions, Eli Drake and James Storm, defending against Pope's new asskissers and ROH tag team, The Bouncers. Decent, but forgettable.

When you tape so much content at the same time, it really makes or breaks things if you're even slightly off. This season has been suffering from that. It's especially sad that season two ended on such a strong premise, but I am having a hard time keeping my excitement towards the series as I had just a few weeks ago.

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