Select Match Reviews: Legos, Drinking, Foreigners, Corona (DDT)

Matches from DDT Universe Live! One Chan Tuesday 03/03:
1.Barefoot Block Toy Death: HARASHIMA vs Shunma ***3/4
2.Captain's Drink, No Tag: DAMNATION(Daiksuke,Endo) vs ALL OUT(Takeshita,Akito) NR
3.Brookes vs Chambers ***3/4

This is another no fans event.

For a gimmick hardcore match, something DDT does better than people tend to give them credit for, the first pull rocked. It's stuff like this that keeps me coming back time and time again. Check that one out for sure.

The second pull...well, Daisuke Sasaki was drinking Corona and Akito decided to join in. A Captain's Drink Match is where both Sasaki and Akito had to drink after every kickout. Pure comedy in a way that only DDT can ever come close to pulling off. Akito is a horny drunk. Note that this was more about the humor and pushing of the gimmick so I didn't give it a rating. I'd add that if you are having a shitty day, consider watching it as I'd hope it'd bring a few smiles to your face, at the very least.

Lastly, DDT's new import toy took on a slightly older model. They actually took full advantage of this opportunity to face each other and worked hard to put on a quality show. Great stuff. I agree with Takeshita that Chambers is about to be a big name in Japan for those that follow the scene closely.

Another fun night from one of the most underrated feds in the world.

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