Select Match Reviews: Look Mom, No Fans! (WrestleTalk)

Matches from WrestleTalk  Showcase- No Fans Monday:
1.Robinson vs OJMO ***
2.Starr vs Callum ***1/2
3.Fletcher vs Mills ****
4.Ospreay vs Bea ****

Thanks to Ospreay, WrestleTalk, and everyone involved in this. Even the damn shorts wearing ref.

I watched most of the gig and enjoyed it pretty well. The opener was good, the Starr/Callum segment was well done as was their match that it led into, pull three was fucking fantastic, and the main event was simply intergender wrestling done right. A whole fuckload of fun to be had here with these pulls.

Consider checking some of this show out, or the whole show, and drop a donation while you're at it!

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