Select Match Reviews: Freedom or Death (FREEDOMS)

Matches from FREEDOMS Go Beyond the Limit 02/10:
1.Death, Elimination: Colon, Havoc, Lloyd, Tremont vs Isami, Kamui, Fukimoto, Fujita ***1/4
2.King of FREEDOM Tag Titles: Mammoth, Violento(c) vs Dickinson, Justice ***1/2
3.King of FREEDOM World Title, Tower of Terror Death: Toru(c) vs Miyamoto ***3/4

A violent clusterfuck for our first pull of the evening followed by a nice, stiff battle for the promotion's tag belts. Nice seeing so many imports for those first two. The main event was the true star attraction here, though. I haven't seen a lot of death match content yet this year so I was happy to fix that mistake. This was great stuff and truly deserving of checking out.

FREEDOMS remains a very fun promotion that I enjoy watching a few times a year and I'd be willing to bet you see them at least a few more times here in the blog in 2020.

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