Select Match Reviews: International Space Stations (MLW)

Match from MLW Fusion #100:
1.MLW World Title: Fatu(c) vs Cima ***

Major League Wrestling has officially put out 100 episodes of Fusion now, which is a cool moment for them. The fact that they put their top championship on the line against Cima to mark the occasion is pretty damn cool, so double props here.

Of course, there was no chance of a title change, though. This was a good contest with the right man winning and Fatu actually looking pretty dominate once again, too. Honestly, while the match quality of MLW might now always be the best, it's still such a fun promotion that I see why people tune in each week.

Check this one out not on rating, but to see Cima challenge for gold and to give MLW another view on YouTube as they celebrate their 100th episode!

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