ez6RPG add-on: maze6RPG

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Adding on to the core ez6RPG rules, which you can find here, I recently added a new twist for my daughter that we've been having a lot of fun with. She has a love of mazes so I combined the two, providing for pretty entertaining experiences thus far.

To play this game, you only should start by either making a maze or finding one to print that you like the look of. Afterward, add marks to the maze as you'd like. The marks represent encounters, treasure, etc. and I'd suggest making a list separately that you can look at that details what each mark is.

Personally, I've been color coding the marks.

For example of concept, so far we've ran this twice and have lots of future sessions planned. The first time, her character  was lost in the woods and was looking for a way home. The maze, being in the way, featured a few monstrous battles and an evil wizard to overcome.

The second saw her character rescue a chrysalis from a wicked bunny.

Be creative.

Past the above, just use the core rules and have fun.

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