Select Match Reviews: Christensen Quote (NOAH)

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Match from Pro Wrestling NOAH Higher Ground 02/16:
1.Nakajima vs Hideki ***1/2

This one was a slow burn, though it's worth noting it did feel a bit like they were stalling at times. Considering that the outcome was a time limit draw, my suspicions are likely correct on that note.

Still, this was pretty damn fun once it opened up more (about 20-minutes in). Before that, it was a competent outing, but nothing really noteworthy. Honestly, I'd have preferred that they start the match that way and just have the thing end in DQ when the ref got tired of their shit. Likely would've been better. Still, I'll land on the rating you see above seeing as overall it was indeed very good, but your mileage may vary heavily on this one.

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