Select Match Reviews: Harmony in Winter (TJP)

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Matches from TJP Winter Wonderful Harmony 02/11:
1.Princess of Princess Title: Yuka(c) vs Austin ***1/4

I finally figured out what was wrong with my DDT Universe account. It was a stupid fuck up on my part. I also would like to note that I've had no further issues with someone stealing money from my bank since joining again so I think the issue might have been unrelated to the service despite the signs potentially pointing that direction last time.

Anyway, so let's continue to get caught up on DDT, TJP, and NOAH.

Yuka's reign has been decent so far, but I am still waiting for something...bigger and better from it. Her appearances on AEW have been fun little additions, at least?

I know little about Lana Austin, but she worked decently. Yuka was the star, as it should be I suppose, and for a throwaway defense, this was good stuff. I wouldn't straight out recommend this one, but it's was far from bad and the champion's energy is simply contagious.

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