Being the Elite #194 Thoughts

Pirate Party, Lince Urcher, and Trent's various names all adorn Matt's cups of brew this week as we continue to mock Starbuck's constant failures as a whole at getting people's name's correct.

I've been Fred, Bread, Bret, and Kirk in the past few months.

No, I'm not joking.

The stress led to Matt dropping his barista gimmick. But wait...I want to try that fantastic brew of his!

Kenny feeding a gaggle of geese is the kind of wholesome that we all need more of. Their rejection of Nakazawa was a true heel turn moment, though.

 CT and Kaz are about as bad at basketball as my fat ass is.

Cutler and Matt talk about the lack of Nick last week. They mention Free the DELETE but give basically nothing other than Matt having little glimpses throughout the rest of the episode.

Kenny and Page talk about his injury, are interrupted by Colt, we get a glitch showing Matt, and then Kenny talks shit to Colt for trying to hijack the show. Creative has nothing for him. Good shit.

We get a Public Swole Announcement reminding you that raisins don't go in potato salad and to cook your meat correctly. I make a mean bison steak, by the way.

Billy Gunn sighting. They mention the cheap gay angle WWE ran back in the day when places like WWE still thought it was funny to mock homosexuality. Wait...Vince still thinks that, doesn't he?

Anyway, Gunn finds out that his son's favorite wrestler is Road Dogg. Anyone else pop for that?

Avalon, Cutler, and Nakazawa share a jobbers moment.

A Whole New World is now stuck in my head.

Page tells Cody and Matt that he will no longer save their asses before leaving The Elite once again. With the Blood & Guts match announcement, I find myself questioning if this is official or not. I mean, last time it didn't stick...

He at least showed concern for Nick.

Good story work, teases, and comedy. BTE remains a must-see for all AEW fans, so if that's you click play!

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