Select Match Reviews: Fan Club Joshi (TJP)

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Match from TJP Universe Members Show- Pure TJP Wrestling 4 02/16:
1.Two Count, 2/3 Falls: Mizuki, Mahiro vs Miyu, Suzume **3/4

As I skipped ahead to find the match, which starts about 90 minutes in here, I saw a lot of randomness. This is a show specifically for some of their diehards, so it makes sense.

Note that I pulled this one simply because I wanted to watch a Miyu match right now and one with this supporting cast and stipulation seemed worthwhile on paper. And, honestly, it was decent stuff though I guarantee if it had been a standard three count with a 2/3 falls stipulation this would have been much better.

They did well enough for what they were given.

Also, Miyu, a worker I consider to be one of my favorites, after claiming she lost the match because she forgot the rules was pretty weak stuff.

Skip this one.

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