Select Match Reviews: Goodbye, Nakanishi (NJPW)

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Matches from NJPW Nakanishi Retirement Event 02/22:
1.LIJ(Naito,SHINGO,EVIL) vs CHAOS(Ishii,Ospreay,Yoshi) ****
2.CHAOS(Okada,Goto),Golden Aces vs TenCozy, Nakanishi, Nagata ***1/2

I'm actually caught up on New Japan now. Being completely caught up on anything is kind of rare for me, so it's a weird feeling.

The first pull was fantastic. Hell, even Yoshi-Hashi stepped up and put on one of his best performances in years. The little moving pieces worked very well here as did the numerous individual moments between the athletes. Check this one out.

Nakanishi's retirement match was a very good sendoff. The elders worked harder than usual and their opponents put on a fun display, too. Send off matches are always a big emotional, but you can't be very sad about this one. The dude had a nice career and left on his own terms when he was ready. Props.

Now, time to finish off February.

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