Fire Promoter: Wolf Spirit Wrestling #4

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Wolf Spirit presents: TIME BOMB
1.Robinson b Walker- 94%
2.Stewart b Bullock-90% (the first two ending with bridging germans)
3.Koichiro b Henry-99% (KO)
4.Wolf Spirit Jr HW Title: Collins b Houston(c)- 92% (KO)
5.Tornado: Noble(Howard,Anderson) b HybriDeath(Young,Dickson)- 100%
6.DFW HW Title: RDM(c) b Moore- 100% (Very dramatic match, with La Magistral winning it for RDM)

American rural, medium hall with every match using the barbed wire deathmatch rules. There was a lot of blood. I pulled in 10,631 fans and had an average of 95.8. It was declared a great success and a sure bet to boost my brand's popularity.

I sent Brian and Bailey to DFW. Walker was declined because the dude is a scumbag.

I had to stock up on t-shirts and snacks again.

After that show, I checked and the following were listed as in poor condition: Howard, Walker, Toichiro, Stewart, Collins, Henry, Anderson, and Robinson. That's half the roster. As a result of Anderson's condition, the title shot in December was put on hold until he could fully recover.

Instead, a cross-promotion show with DFW was scheduled. I was hopeful to regain the Wolf Spirit Heavyweight Championship back while keeping the DFW belt for my own.

Wolf Spirit/DFW II
1.DFW HW Title: RDM(c) b Garner- 78%
2.Young b Gibson- 69%
3.Koichiro b Morris- 66% (attacked after)
4.Bailey b Moore- 65% (attacked after)
5.Wolf Spirit HW Title: Howard b Jin(c)- 70% (attacked after)

Weak show, but I largely wanted the belt back and to make a statement in the process. Partners, sure, but still enemies in the grand scheme. Domination is an understatement.

After, in story, the Wolf Spirit Heavyweight Champion, Jack Howard, declared that he was officially back on top and intended to win the top prize of other companies in the near future.

This drew 3147 fans with an average of 69.6. I ran it in the American rural small hall.

This concludes the first year of action.

I brought in $2,239,744 in the first year and spent $1,601,869. I end the year with $837,874 in assets.

I am ranked overall at 13th, 15th in popularity, 6 in wrestlers, 7 in gym, 12 in assets, and 13 in title belts.

Here's how the roster looks as we head to year two:
-Hollywood Hunk, Jack Howard (WS HW, WS 6-Man)
-Anti-Gravity Kid, David Houston
-The Divine, Matt Robinson
-Mr. USA, Alex Anderson (WS 6-Man)
-Steel Soul, James Bailey (WS 6-Man)
-Hell Knight, Mickey Williams
-Brilliant Devil, Thomas Walker
-Night of Despair, Jeff Brian (WS Jr Tag)
-The Convict, Bill Bullock (WS Jr Tag)
-Blue Collar Bad Guy, Carl Henry
-Brillo Pad, Koichiro Togashi
-Super Model, Caroline Collins (WS Jr HW)
-Butterfly, Lindsey Stewart
-Hybrid Max, Charles Young (WS Tag)
-Red Death Mask (DFW HW, WS Tag)
-Nefarious, Nathan Dickson
-Vuelo del Diablo

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