Select Match Reviews: True Dragons (Dragon Gate)

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Match from Dragon Gate Truth Gate Night Four 02/07:
1.Open the Dream Gate Title: Doi(c) vs Kzy ****1/4

Denying Doi is a great champ and deserving of holding the Dream Gate belt, especially after this performance, would be the equivalence of suggesting that Rush aren't the true kings of prog. You can say it, but you'd be wrong and both would likely result in a slap in the face from myself.

The pacing here was a nice balance of calculating alongside some lightning sequences as they built up to a satisfying climax. Kzy came off as a serviceable threat even if I had no expectation of a title change. I mean, I didn't expect a Doi title run in 2020 either, for what that's worth.

In all, this rocked and served as far more than just a throwaway defense but also as a strong moment for this title run that I strongly recommend all wrestling fans take a moment to go check out.

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