Select Match Reviews: Big Shit Birthday (ZERO1)

Matches from ZERO1 19th Anniversary 03/01:
1.Strong BJ(Sekimoto,Okabayashi) vs Sugiura,Tanaka ***3/4
2.ZERO1 HW Title: Hino(c) vs Sato ****

The tag match was so hoss, you wouldn't be blamed for looking at it on paper and assuming the universe would be at risk just for it taking place. I mean, those power levels are off the charts! They went with the time limit draw option here which was actually fine seeing as both teams very much took advantage of the run time. Great stuff from the steak boys.

The main event saw fellow meat pile, Yuji Hino, fail to successfully defend the ZERO1 Heavyweight Championship against Kohei Sato. The hits echoed and the near falls added up nicely. Near the end, the sick head butt on Hino added color to this one which really added nicely to the overall contest. I am a little bit disappointed with the outcome, but this match was fantastic if nothing else.

You either like these types of matches or you don't. I love them and easily recommend checking both of these out.

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