Being the Elite #197 Thoughts

Matt is going a little stir crazy but the dream lives on.

Nick has been healing, gaming, and also officially has a new kid which is awesome. Hee Hee!

Matt might have the virus. Might not. Fuck knows at this point, right?

Omega gave an update. Colt got his shot. Omega shit his pants. Good thing he has a stash of TP.

CD spent his birthday in quarantine. His is actually the same day as mine. My gifts were better. How the fuck is he 50? I swear, the dude is immortal.

Avalon and Cutler shared a moment via telephone.

Luchasaurus is taking the whole thing worst than most of us. The quest for his tail begins!

They kind of brought back the mail bag segment. They really should actually bring that back, by the way.

Page is too busy playing Animal Crossing, is out of TP, is wrestling the couch cushions, has turned into the Tiger King, and is ducking his teammates. The descriptions below the Elite's names in that last segment were great.

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