FREE THE DELETE #10 Thoughts

Following BTE, we see the other end of the phone call.

Matt requests the Bucks of Youth to appear at his compound and assist him in his next journey.

The cross is made, the letter written, and the Bucks arrive just in time.

Now, we await what comes next.

Real quick, I'd like to thank Matt Hardy for sharing these posts every time. Not for the boost in views, which I actually don't care much about. No, I thank him because I just appreciate it. I grew up a major fan of the Hardy Boyz and have followed their entire career since I was a child. I'm now 30 and still consider myself a fan. Vince is out of touch and hoards talent for the sake of hoarding them, much like he hoards wealth. He's an elder dragon and Matt was being kept in a dark cave while under contract in WWE, just because Jeff was out of commission.

I am beyond excited for what is next for the Broken genius and am eager for Dynamite tonight where I hope answers await.

Make sure not to miss it!

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