Select Match Reviews: Drury Lane (MLW)

Match from MLW Fusion #99:
1.Lumberjack: Los Parks(Park,Hijo Park) vs CONTRA Unit(Gotch,Josef) **1/4

The Josef promo to kick off the episode was a nice touch. I then jumped to around 39 minutes in to see the promo package before the contest began. They did a good job hyping this one, for sure.

I guess they also promoted Kross nicely despite his appearance being a one-off.

Entrances start at 46 in.

Admittedly, an arena wide, walk-and-brawl with a touch of color and a hardcore spot or two versus a lumberjack would've been far better in my opinion. I mean, that's what Park does best and it would have helped the intensity factor. Instead, this was a bit messy and overall I felt they were hindered by the stipulation. They even added some Injustice drama ringside for no reason.

How did Hijo not spike his leg on that dive?

Anyway, this was sadly underwhelming and not really anything worth seeking out.


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