AEW Road to Denver Thoughts

Cody talks about his new ink to start this, and I loved the segment. I'm one of the few who don't hate the tat. I like what Pillman said about it and agree. It is funny that his wife hates it, though.

Colt spits about his new gig. If used properly, I'm all for him being on the roster. I trust AEW to do just that. His sitdown was well done, too.

Havoc's package, no doubt put together by Mondo, rocked. I am very excited to see where this angle goes.

Amell, the Green Arrow, being with Cody at Revolution was one of my favorite moments. Seeing him get a spot on this week's Road to installment was icing. I sincerely hope to see him back.

A music video highlight reel from Revolution plays before they aired Mox's post-match promo to end this one.

Let's hope tonight's episode keeps the roll going they've been on.

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