AAA Nacemos para Luchar: Tonala Parte 1

1.Aramis, Mascarita Sagrada, Hamburguesa vs Demus, Draztick Boy, Latigo ***1/2
2.Familia Real(Park Jr, Hijo Park) vs Argenis, Arez vs Super Fly, Parka Negra **1/2
3.Lucha Bros vs Taurus, Australian Suicide vs Laredo Kid, Puma King ***3/4

A very good spotfest to kick things off and a Naccion Ingobernable beat down to follow. After, we had a three-way tag affair that served largely to push the Familia Real/Parka Negra drama. That one was decent, but skippable. The main closed things on a high note with a great, spot heavy cluster.

The OGT boys made their statement afterwards.

In all, another enjoyable hour of AAA. Click play above.

BTE thoughts and the free Ospreay show review from earlier should be up in a bit.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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