AEW Dynamite 03/11 Review

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1.Cody vs Ortiz ***
2.Nyla, Bea vs Kris, Shida **3/4
3.MJF, Butcher & Blade vs Jurassic Express ***1/4
4.Death Triangle vs Janela, Private Party ***1/2
5.Page, Dustin vs Inner Circle (Jericho, Guevara) ***1/4

The crowd for this one was a bit off, likely for a variety of reasons including fears of the Corona Virus. That said, it was still a pretty good episode.

The cold open was a nice touch.

The opener was a nice builder to Blood & Guts, and I continue to appreciate the general 50/50 approach they take with a majority of the roster. Not only was this a good match that kicked the show off on an acceptable note, but the addition of Archer being revealed to indeed be the client Snake referenced last week was icing. They didn't overdo it and it got over nicely with the fans.

Good stuff.

Post-match was well done, too. Inner Circle, as I've said before, are AEW's NWO.

As I'm typing this I just found out some big news. So, I know a lot of stuff has been canceled lately. I'm in Austin right now, and it's happening all around me. The NBA suspending the season though is arguably the biggest thing to happen so far in the country and I fear AEW might need to go empty arena or that they will suspend things, too. Time will tell.

Lives matter more than money, of course so I understand and accept the possibility.

Anyway, back to the action.

The women's match was decent but Shida taking the fall here felt wrong. Nothing major I suppose and a decent builder. Bea's moment after was interesting.

CD's mocking video to the Dark Order was entertaining but later they ran a package promoting the Exalted One's debut next week. Add in the Librarian angle and...well, we'll just have to wait and see.

The six-man match next was fairly good with several nice moments. MJF got the win, as he should have, but everyone got little spots to shine.

Darby's clip was nice.

The Baker stuff needs to be done more carefully. She actually got a decent reaction in Austin. Since, it's becoming more and more a case of go-away-heat. Swole tried to save the segment but failed, too. Nice references to Cedric and Cole, I suppose.

A better six-man followed. Private Party had their best outing in a long time and Janela was a fun partner for the duo. Death Triangle looked good, too and got the win as they should have. This was very good, recommendable, and the best thing on the show tonight. Post-match, they were ran off by the Best Friends and Orange once more.

Dustin makes himself Page's partner. Was that the original plan?

The Spears partner search thing is entertaining I suppose. Will they really pick a random person? Not likely...

Mox with a nice interview, setting up him and Hager at Blood & Guts.

The main event was good and, like a lot of the episode, worked as a set piece for B&G. The angle after was even better.

Again, AEW is a modernized version of peak WCW and Inner Circle are NWO.

In all, this was a pretty fun episode that went down easy and nothing was truly bad. If you missed it, check out the Death Triangle match in full and maybe the rest in YouTube clip form? That or just watch the whole thing if you can.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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