Select Match Reviews: Triangles in the Dark (AEW)

Match from AEW Dark 03/10:
1.Private Party vs Cutler, Kiss **1/2

AEW isn't perfect. Their 2019 output was rocky at times, even though I enjoyed it more often than not. 2020 has been far better so far, overall. That said, there are two pushes from last year that I am surprised have fizzled dramatically.

One is Spears. The other? Private Party. They were given a big rub from the Bucks and looked poised to be a big part of the show. Instead, they are now rarely used and don't even really appear on BTE anymore. This week, they're working a throwaway match on Dark and then getting beaten down by the new hot trio of PAC, Pentagon, and Fenix.

The Best Friends and Orange ran the heels off after to tease their match.

There is good news here. The match was solid, even if it wasn't recommendation levels. Cutler had his best performance in AEW thus far in my opinion, too. Lastly, the right team won and I think AEW can heat people up again easily when they want to.

Decent, but skippable.