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Being the Elite #195 Thoughts

My stomach is shit right now. I feel like trash. Luckily, I can't go anywhere even if I wanted to right? I mean, with the corona virus stuff...

Anyway, the show must go on.

Kenny gives an update on his hand and Colt appears in the background and gets ran off. Good shit.

Matt celebrates a birthday with cookies and a ride on CD's back. Oh, and some sweet J's.

Cutler notifies the Bucks and Kenny that Meltzer gave their match six stars. He's sent away and the Elite lads chat about THAT moment after their match. The volume here was trash.

Tony and Matt chat, with the former saying there's no such thing as six stars. He also name drops the Revival before we get more of the barista plot. Tony and Matt making coffee? Why the fuck not...

We got another Public Swole Announcement...some of you really need to see it...

The jobber squad squabbled.

Cutler talked with Page. That moment is mentioned. The tensions and drama remain. Adam refused to go to see Nick in the hospital...

Matt talks about the situation with the corona virus at the end.

Special thanks to all the promotions still trying to entertain right now. Yes, even WWE.