We Are STARDOM #8 Review

1.Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Tokyo Cyber Squad(Jungle,Konami) (c) vs Bea, Hayter ***
2.World of STARDOM Title: Mayu(c) vs Momo ****

Time for a new episode of one of the best new wrestling shows out there.

We start with tag team action with the promotion's tag belts on the line. I like how they cut to a clip in the corner showing why the challengers were targeting Jungle's weak spot. It just felt like a nice touch. There was a nice energy here, though the entire thing was lacking just a tad to really hit recommendation levels. That's especially sad since there was a title change, making the situation feel a bit underwhelming as a result. Good, but not enough so let's move on to #2.

Luckily, the main event was awesome! Loads of action and near-falls, drama and excitement. Basically, about what you'd expect considering this was a title match between two of the best women's wrestlers in the world. A fantastic battle, well worth seeing.

After, Bea turned on Momo and joined Oedo Tai. Mayu's next challengers are Sareee (before she leaves for WWE) and Bea.

In all, this was a fun episode but if you're in a rush just skip to the second. It was easily the better of the two!

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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