AAA Worldwide: Ciudad de Mexico Parte 2 Review

1.Poder del Norte vs Octagon Jr, Myzteziz Jr, Dragon Bane ***1/2
2.Blue Demon Jr, Monsther Clown, Chessman vs Pagano, Drago, Aerostar ***
3.Faccion Ingobernable(Rush,Park,Bestia) vs Lucha Bros, Psycho Clown ***1/2

I was pretty high on last week's episode, so let's see if they can follow that up properly.

Up first, one of the best heel units in the game against a random assortment of flyers. PdN are elite together but it is worth noting they failed as a group more than once at their base responsibilities in this one. Regardless, there was still a worthwhile spectacle on display and it served as a strong way to open the show.

After, Argenis murdered Myzteziz Jr and then we had a trip down memory lane, looking at Valentine's Day segments from the past. Remember Gato Eveready?

Match two was chaos defined. Good, sure, but too disjointed to be truly recommendable. I did enjoy the finish, even if it led to a rare AAA disqualification.

Post-match, Psycho Circus reformed, which at least came off like a big deal. Faccion Ingobernable attacked the reunited trio, because in AAA nothing good ever lasts forever before a rudo comes and stomps on it.

This saw Penta and Fenix run-in for the save, and it set up the main event which was a bloody brawl, like a lot of AAA main events tend to be. The image of Fenix reaching out to the camera for help was a nice touch. For about ten minutes, Rush and crew brutalized the tecnicos. There was a minor comeback spot that set this back into a more standard trios match after, with everyone getting in their corners, for the most part. After a lot of dirty shit, including a fair share of dick kicking, Tirantes got rocked when he didn't count a three for the Ingobernable unit and eventually called for a DQ.

That's right, two disqualifications in a row, but in different ways.

The main event was actually pretty good, even if the finish came off flat, and was a better version overall of their typical main event style. That said, it's looking like Faccion matches are going to end in disqualifications for a while to avoid taking an clean L, and the format will need tweaking or it'll get old fast.

I really enjoyed this episode, but have a lot of small quips about it, too. Go ahead and hit play and decide for yourself but note it was indeed more good than bad.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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