AEW Dark #21 Review

1.Havoc vs Stunt **3/4
2.Dark Order vs Strong Hearts(CIMA,T-Hawk) ***1/4
3.Falls Count Anywhere: Janela vs Kip **3/4
4.Dustin, QT vs Spears, Avalon ***

Time for some AEW action ahead of this week's Dynamite.

The opener saw Havoc continue to rise with his second victory in a row since returning. This was one of those crowd pleasing, quick back and forth style matches that Dark sees a lot of. Enjoyable, but nothing major. Just note that Jimmy is getting a solid little push right now as he heads to his date with Luther.

Bye, Tommy Pickles.

Up next, a Strong Hearts sighting! Dark Order are finally getting over better, which is nice, but what'll really start pushing this forward better is allowing them to work quality matches. Anyone who remembers the Super Smash Bros knows they are more than capable of doing that, especially against a pair like T-Hawk and CIMA! Note, that while happy to see Uno and Stu getting over better, I still would love to see the #SH unit get more usage in AEW. Perhaps they are more filler talent as a result of their tour schedule, but I'm sure they could figure a way out of making it work for occasional pushes. I also am still wanting more OWE involvement on the show. Anyway, this was a fairly good contest bordering on being recommendable. Your mileage may vary, but regardless it's a good step in the right direction as the gimmick continues to get better traction. The reveal of the Exalted One has to be done nearly perfectly, though!

Up next, the ongoing feud that happens to feature Ford...

They started with a low blow and filled it out with shenanigans, as I had feared. If you want an inter-gender handicap match, here ya go. There were a few cool spots, but it was just too chaotic in a bad way to truly be worth seeing. Solid, but skippable.

Closing the episode, Spears gave the Librarian another shot, for some reason. Brandi looks to have been relegated to a managerial role for the time being, which might be for the best. Spears was one of the hottest heels last Summer and now feels pretty cheap, sadly. One of the few things I think AEW missed out on so far. The contest here was decent, but another not truly worth running to see.

In all, this week's Dark just didn't hit the levels I hoped they would. Go ahead and skip this one.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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