1.STARS(Mayu,Saki) vs Oedo Tai(Kagetsu,Hana) ***3/4
2.Oedo Tai(Tora,Natsu,Saki) vs Itsuki,Lida,Kamitani ***1/4
3.Kagetsu vs Tam ***1/2

This was the first episode covering 2020 material so I'm ready to dig in.

The first match was great with a major twist finish. The action built perfectly to the finale, which came off strong and didn't hurt the overall contest as much as it would if it had happened elsewhere.

The follow up saw the newer version of Oedo Tai kicking some ass in a fairly good spring. I'm digging the changes in the heel unit, personally.

Closing this one, Kagetsu put in her finale Korakuen appearance for STARDOM against Tam. It was a very entertaining contest and a strong way to close the episode.

In all, this episode rocked! If you've been holding off on STARDOM for whatever reason, no longer have an excuse. 

Click play above!

Overall Rating: 80/100%/