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Matches from NJPW New Beginning Sapporo Night One 02/01:
1.Ishii vs EVIL ****
2.NEVER OW Title: Goto(c) vs SHINGO ****1/2

Catching up on New Japan content finally.

Up first, the god level pitbull versus the goth king of New Japan. As expected, it was a bomb fest start to finish. Go ahead and inject that shit into my veins, please. If you know these two dudes, you know the style on display here and I can confirm that, assuming you missed it, that you need to go watch it now.

The last pull of the night was a big deal for me. You see, I LOVE the NEVER Openweight Championship almost as much as I love SHINGO. For a while there, he was my favorite wrestler in the world. I was a bit torn on how New Japan was booking him initially, but this build to the heavyweight division has been enjoyable stuff as has his rise on the cards in general. So, seeing him win the title was pretty awesome and it came at the heels of a MOTYC performance from both which was simply icing.

Watch both of these if you missed them!

I'll be continuing to catch up on New Japan this week alongside Dragon Gate, AAA, and more. Thanks to all who are visiting regularly.