I have two kids. As a result, I've heard the Frozen II soundtrack more than I'd like to admit. To be fair, it's actually a fun listen. I bring that up, for those who've yet to click the video above, because this installment begins with the Bucks singing one of the film's key tracks.

The BTE boys are held up by flight delay, so we are then punished with loud wind noises as a result.

They hand out in an Ontario, California mall and we are given more punishment in the form of the revelation that the Bucks, or at least Matt, doesn't know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars.

In circular payback fashion, the Bucks and Cutler are forced to sit in economy like the rest of us maggots.

Matt coughing suggestively for tips to support his coffee dreams is pure entertainment. Them mocking the wrong name habits of Starbucks was icing.

Continuing the drama with Page, Adam gets a bit upset when he learns that the Bucks are involved in a tag team battle royal where the winner gets a title shot. Omega & Page versus Matt & Nick at the next ppv should be awesome! Page later tells TH2 about some weak spots to target...that moment felt a bit like something from a 90's soap and I'm all for it.

He also gave some info to Butcher & Blade and...well, everyone else.

Cowboy shit.

(Not cool with the glue sniffing shit, btw but I loved the finale moments of the episode)

I'm sure Angelico and Evans' attire is trendy but I'm old as fuck and way out of style.

Let's end on that note.