Match from MLW Fusion 96:
1.MLW World HW Title: Fatu(c) vs Pillman **1/2

Jump about 35 minutes into this week's episode to start with the Dragon Gate partnership promo vid. I'm very, very excited to see how MLW uses DG talent. You'll also get a bit extra, including the announcement of a big cross show with AAA.

The match itself, or the entrances at least, start at 41.

I've heard a lot about the way they've been slow burning Pillman and I like the idea. He seems far more motivated to stay with MLW than most of the roster, too, so hopefully it doesn't backfire. I just know the company has invested in so many names since Fusion returned and many of those left.

During the match, the Dead Squad tried to attack DBS but the Von Erichs helped even things out. Injustice also made an appearance, taking away Pillman's focus and adding to the underdog story a tad.

It was overbooked and chaotic, but don't let the rating scare you off completely. It was also a fitting move and I actually had more fun watching it than I would normally have with something with so much bullshit attached.

Pillman looked good in defeat and the champ didn't really lose anything.

It's worth noting that I had been told that the Opera Cup finals were integral to the current direction of MLW and I decided to break a rule and watch them. I had said I was all but done with 2019 material, outside of specific content, but fuck it.


Matches from MLW Fusion 93:
1.MLW World MW Title: Reed(c) vs Lindaman ***
2.Opera Cup Finals: DBS vs Pillman ***1/2

I liked the package looking at the Opera Cut that opened the episode. It made for a good story hook.

I planned on jumping to the main, but saw El Lindaman and stopped. I'm already breaking my rule for one match...why not two...

The chest protector shit is a bit much for me. Lindaman broke the barricade on a dive. I would've loved a title change here, but it was a good match for what it was.

After, a Pillman sitdown talking about his injury and the Opera Cup finals.

Jump about 38 in for the main.

This felt important and, like the commentary crew alluded to, I love the Japanese style tone that it featured. Tournaments are awesome ways of showcasing talent and telling stories when done properly and this felt like a proper use of the gimmick and talents involved.

I sincerely enjoyed the match and recommend fans that skipped it to give it a click. Borderline great stuff here with smart storytelling.

Props, MLW!