AEW Road to Austin Thoughts

I'll be at this show with my wife. I'm sad I didn't get to see last week's live, but also thankful. Not sure she could've done that last segment.

The production work was top notch, as always with these.

I again must say that lashes angle was so amazingly done that I'll literally never forget it.

Past a package looking at it, we got a nice Havoc promo. I too love AFI, Jimmy. In fact, my high school band was named after them and we did a cover, too.

JR, Tony, Taz, and Excalibur sell the Jungle Boy/MJF match. I'm wondering if we'll get some form of run-in to cost MJF this one...

That or they'll lean more into the heel nature.

Nyla gets some spotlight. I'm worried the fans here will act like assholes in regards to her. With the Nightmare Collective being written off, I'm more hopeful for this match. I'm actually smelling a change here.

We'll see.

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