Last Minute 2019 Music Review Roundup Part One

There are a handful of albums I have listened to this year that I had yet take the time to write about. While planning the best of 2019 and award posts, I realized the best way to solve that was to just write a short, quick bit about the ones I had failed to do so for yet. So, without further ado...

An Isolated Mind- I'm Losing Myself
Hauntingly beautiful, soul crushing art that deserves nothing but praise and respect. As the music shifts in dramatic waves and Bogges pours fire from his throat, you'll be left in awe. Please, make time for this fantastic album!
Rating: ****

Badflower- Ok, I'm Sick
On their debut album, Badflower put out a quality pop and emotion infused rocker that reminded me a bit of My Chemical Romance and Brandnew at different times and I'm sure if this had released ten years ago I'd have eaten it up. Full of energy, the album was good and typically enjoyable. Props on the nice debut, especially on the tune "Ghost", which was a nice example of singles sometimes actually being the best thing from an album instead of just a pusher track.
Rating: ***1/4

Periphery- IV: Hail Stan
I don't consider myself a true fan of Periphery but I do enjoy their content when I've heard it. I will say that this album was pretty enjoyable, though. It reminded me a bit in tone to Chiodos' Bone Palace Ballet album blended with Protest the Hero. I'm not sure why I haven't dived more into their material, honestly. I will say that this album was great and it might have finally officially sold me on them, for what that's worth. There is a level of ambition on display alongside a technical showcase that truly deserves credit and I think it has enough going on that it should please fans of many different genres that are willing to give it a chance.
Rating: ***3/4

Silversun Pickups- Widow's Weeds
Stoked that they dropped another album, even if it missed my gaze until a week ago. One of the top indie rock acts, with their style of mixing tones of dismay with rays of hope being rather addictive. Widow's Peak is another hit and their best album in years. Make sure not to miss it if you're a fan of their catalog.
Rating: ***1/2

Baroness- Gold & Grey
The latest from one of the more unique bands in the world, Gold & Grey takes the foundation Baroness has built on their past four, colored albums and evolves it into new form once more as they progress their sound in new directions. This truly feels like art and, even more importantly, it feels like art done right. Under the brighter tones the band has taken on over the years, which were more defined here, there is still a darkness leaking out. The technicality was, of course, also brilliant as every member really got to shine through the run time. Baroness plays what they want, when they want, how they want. We're just here for the ride and I'm loving every second of it. Get this one for sure!
Rating: ****

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